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"Unmanned solutions of staple crops production process" shortlisted in the China's top ten scientific and technological progress 2021 in intelligent manufacturing 


Recently, "unmanned solutions of staple crops production process" led by YTO Group, successfully shortlisted in the "China's Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress 2021 in Intelligent Manufacturing". It is the only selected project in the field of agricultural machinery.  

Big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, intelligent equipment and other technologies have been fully utilized in the solution to connect data with equipment and agronomy to solve the problems such as the shortage of labor force in grain production, the low level of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment, insufficient integration of machinery and arts, and backward management methods and so on.

 The project broke key technologies such as the unmanned driving, arbitrary curve driving control and tools control, fully mechanized operation monitoring and large data cloud services operation. It also created smart tractors, smart harvesters, remote data acquisition terminal and other products. Whats more, the whole unmanned operation cloud platform based on big data has been constructed.  

In this project, YTO Group together with Luoyang Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Research Institute Co., LTD., took the lead in demonstrating unmanned operation in the whole process of staple crops from planting to harvesting for different agronomy, scene and crops.