Service Brand

Golden service, brand interpretation

1.Golden service is the bright sunshine, denotes YTO enterprise image of vigorous and healthy development and spirit of vitality and aggressiveness.
2.Golden service symbolize the value, shows the quality of YTO products as noble as gold and opportunity for clients to obtain wealth.
3.Golden service means integrity, adherence to gold promise, conformity of profession and conduct, implies dedication, high skills, making quick response.
4.Golden service is the warm feel; render joy and satisfaction to customers with humanitarian care. Set minds of customers at ease, relaxation and happiness based on honest, passionate and careful services.

Connotation of golden service: 3-all, 3-rapid and 5-professional
3-all: receive customers in all climates, provide services throughout all processes, and care for the clients all-oriented
3-Rapid: rapid information transfer, rapid service, rapid solution of the worries and difficulties for clients.
5-Professional: professional service image, professional service process, professional service training, professional service parts warranty, professional service criteria