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YTO Products Show Strong Strength in China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2021


On Oct.26-28, the China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2021 opened in Qingdao city.  YTO Group, affiliated to SINOMACH, brought large and medium horsepower tractors, harvesters, diesel engines, agricultural machinery and tools and spare parts to the exhibition, comprehensively demonstrating the industry's leading research and manufacturing capacity.  

At the exhibition, YTO continuously variable speed tractor, power shift tractor, intelligent tractor, large and medium horsepower tractor, harvester, diesel engine, agricultural machinery and tools all appeared. 

The tractors ranging from 50 HP to 320 HP, can be equipped with YTO agricultural machinery and tools, which can well meet the needs of users in the whole process of cultivating staple crops and various cash crops. LW3204 and LW2304 are the new generation of continuously variable speed heavy wheeled tractors independently developed by YTO Group. They are especially suitable for heavy load operations such as ploughing, harrowing and compound operation on large farms, representing the highest level of domestic tractors. With automatic driving system, LF2204 is a no-cab unmanned high-horsepower economic tractor. It can realize automatic control of farm tools and engines, suitable for rotary tillage, ploughing and other operations. Its cool appearance attracted many visitors to take photos.  

Medium horsepower tractors and harvesters are especially welcomed by customers. YTO diesel engine adopts a new generation of high pressure common rail power platform, all of which meet the emission standards of non-road National-standard. It not only has stronger power, but also makes operation more energy saving and efficient. YTN series adopts four-valve technology and has meet the Euro-Ⅴstandard, becoming the hot spot of power products in this exhibition.