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The First Central Asia Train Departs from YTO International Land Port



On Sep.14, a Central Asian Express departed from the YTO (Luoyang) international land port for Tashkent.  

The Express named of COSCO SHIPPING·YTO Land Port Train is jointly operated by YTO Group and COSCO Shipping Development Co., Ltd. This westward international transport route is opened up by the two sides to extend the service chain and to innovate the operation mode.  

There are 50 containers on the train, which are loaded with YTO tractors, textiles, furniture and small household appliances. The train goes directly to Tashkent in Uzbekistan via Helgas port in Xinjiang province, covering a distance of about 5,200 kilometers.

In June this year, the Luoyang to Central Asia direct international train was officially included in the national railway operation map, leaving Luoyang through the Helgas port to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. In August, the YTO (Luoyang) international land port was identified as the "inland port" of Luoyang city by Shandong Port Group.

Since this year, the port has completed container throughput of 11523 TEU, and the goods include agricultural machinery products, solar photovoltaic modules, refractory materials, mechanical equipment, sanitary ware, household appliances, building materials, decorative materials and so on. The YTO (Luoyang) international land port is accelerating to become a new important international logistics platform in Luoyang city.