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YTO LR4A Engine Has Passed the Euro 5 Emission Certification Test


YTO LR4A non-road diesel engine has passed the Euro 5 emission certification test, and has started batch production, which indicates that YTO engine has reached the international advanced level in emission technology.

LR4A diesel engine is completed jointly by YTO Diesel Engine Company and YTO Research Institute, three months ahead of schedule. With independent intellectual property rights, it adopts the technical route of high pressure common rail + supercharged and intercooled +EGR+DOC+DPF+SCR+ASC, and it covers 80~150 HP.

Under the strict supervision of engineers in TÜV Rheinland in Germany, YTO LR4A diesel engine completed the steady state, transient and non-standard cycle tests, and EGR, DPF, SCR system related NCD/PCD fault detection and urea thawing test at minus 18℃, successfully passing the Euro 5 emission certification test.

At present, YTO-LY954, YTO-LY1054, YTO-LY1154 and YTO-LY1254 equipped with LR4A Euro 5 diesel engine have completed the prototype assembly, and the whole machine certification test is about to be carried out.

According to the plan, YTO Diesel Engine Company will carry out Euro 5 certification orderly of non-road diesel engine in 50 ~70 HP and 150~300 HP, continuing to build the best green power in China's agricultural machinery industry.