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YTO ranks first on the 2020 internet hot list


Recently, the website of Agricultural Machinery Connect published the network heat ranking of the national agricultural machinery enterprises and products in 2020. YTO Group took an absolute lead in the agricultural machinery enterprises in China, and YTO has 5 products on the list of the top 10.

As the earliest tractor enterprise in China, YTO  Group (It grew out of the First Tractor Factory built in 1955 ) is still the favorite enterprise of network users in the wheeled tractor industry in 2020. The number of followers is 1.031 million, accounting for 23.7% of the total attention of wheeled tractors.

In 2020, in the top ten list of wheeled tractor products on the Internet, YTO LX904 tractor won the first place with 53,000 people's attention, and YTO LX1000 tractor won the second place with 51,000 people's attention. YTO 504 tractor, YTO MG704 tractor and YTO LX804 tractor all entered the top 10.