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YTO released the country's first 5G electric tractor powered by hydrogen



On Jun.16, ET504-H, the country's first 5G electric tractor powered by hydrogen was released by National Agricultural Machinery Equipment Innovation Center.

The new model is jointly researched by the Innovation Center led by YTO Group and Luoyang Base of Tsinghua Advanced Equipment Research Institute.

At the new product launch,the tractor, covered by silver stainless steel coat, got everybody's attention. By remote control, the tractor quickly got into farm, showing automatic route planning, automatic turning, free advance and retreat, accurate parking, skilled and efficient farming operations.

The new model has all the functions of the traditional tractor. Besides, it has 5G HD camera, mushroom head GPS antenna, millimeter wave radar, big data cloud platform and hydrogen fuel cell.

The new model is very suitable for flat or hilly areas. Its hydrogenation process is in 3 minutes and it can be on call 24 hours a day. The ploughing, rotary tillage, sowing and other operations can be carried out according to the planned path in the unmanned mode.