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YTO over-fulfilled the tractor production task in March


  In order to effectively make up for the delayed delivery caused by the previous epidemic, YTO under the unified arrangements over-fulfilled the tractor production task. In March, production of large tractor, middle tractor and engine were up 73%, 13% and 81% year on year, which laid a solid foundation for the realization of the annual business objectives.


  To reduce the impact of epidemic prevention and control on the company's production and operation, YTO held a special meeting to arrange and deploy production, purchasing, marketing, etc. The leaders of the company led the team to investigate the production line to solve the production problems.


  To solve the problem of insufficient supplies, production and operation department and each unit helped suppliers to resume production and dredge material transportation channels. In March, YTO helped suppliers to solve 158 key problems including approval of resumption of work, supply of raw materials, return of personnel, logistics and transportation.


  During the outbreak, nearly 5,500 tractors could not be delivered to Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hebei, Jiangxi and other areas. YTO established a logistics guarantee mechanism in the first time to guarantee the delivery the parts and tractors.