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The First YTO Cleaning Car to the Village


  On Jul.9, 7 YTO cleaning cars designed for rural market were sent to Wushe County in Jiaozuo City.

  It is an important project of the Special Vehicle Factory in YTO. The new products designed for rural market will implement the national rural revitalization strategy and help reduce the company's losses,said by Zhaoxue, the vice plant manager of the Special Vehicle Factory.

  The 7 cars consist of 3 big cleaning sweeper trucks, 2 small cleaning sweeper trucks and 2 dust cars, with a total value of 3.86 million. The staff efforts to overcome difficulties of short time and heavy task, completing the order perfectly.

  According to the requirements offlourishing industry , livable ecology ,civilized local style , effective management , rich life in the national rural revitalization strategy, YTO made “Breakthrough in Rural Environment Managementas a main project in 2019. For this reason, the Special Vehicle Factory actively carried out market research in Zhejiang province, Mengjin County in Henan province, Aksu and other rural areas in April this year. The research workers found that cost-effective products such as garbage car, road sweeper and fecal suction truck had large market potential. Then, taking sanitation equipmentthe as the breakthrough point, the Special Vehicle Factory immediately carried out research in sewage treatment, dry latrine renovation, garbage sorting, facade renovation and so on. Meanwhile, it made the project of urban and rural sanitation integration.

  In recent years, the YTO snow sweeper has gained many patents and the YTO sewer dredge vehicle appears in many cities across the country. Especially the YTO compressed rubbish vehicle which we quickly put into market is ideally suitable for the rural market. Our factory hopes to make our own contributions to beautiful village construction,said by Zhao Xue.