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 "5G+AI Industrial Visual Quality Inspection Application" project is running smoothly in YTO


Recently, YTO completed the first-phase project of "5G+AI Industrial Visual Quality Inspection Application", which realized automatic analysis and alarm of engine quality , and filled the gap of 5G automatic quality inspection in the domestic agricultural machinery industry.

In recent years, manufacturing enterprises have realized industrial upgrading and high-quality development relying on 5G's fast speed, low delay and wide connection. The project of "5G+AI Industrial Visual Quality Inspection Application" by YTO is one of the typical representatives.

Relying on the industrial internet platform of China Unicom, the project has realized the full coverage of 5G network in YTO engine production line.

At the off-line station of the engine, three high-definition industrial cameras are installed to collected pictures as "eyes". Then the pictures are uploaded through the 5G network and the edge server set in the factory is used as "brain". Through the AI algorithm developed by China Unicom, the fault points are analyzed and identified, then alarm is given timely. 

Engine production has always been characterized by large scale, lots of models and intensive testing items, so the workers in the production line previously "checked by their eyes and judged by their brains". This project not only reduces labor, but also increases the efficiency of product testing by 70%.

According to the plan, the second phase of the project will be upgraded through iteration, intelligent transformation of production line, automatic supplementary shooting of robotic arm, automatic marking system and learning system, so as to truly realize "intelligent peoplein the industry.