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YTO won the 13th China Management Model Outstanding Award


  Recently, YTO won the 13th China Management Model Outstanding Award at the 10th global forum on China management.

  In recent years, China has continued to accelerate technological upgrading of core products through intelligent agricultural equipment and collaborative innovation to lead the technological progress of the industry.

  Based on the improvement of product quality, YTO has continued to accelerate the improvement of product market competitiveness and international operation level to consolidate the position of the industry.

  Taking the transformation of manufacturing service industry as the direction, YTO keeps opening up and cooperation, and cultivates the ability to provide users with the overall solution of "core products + systems engineering + value-added services".

  "China Management Model Outstanding Award" was initiated in 2008 by China Management Modernization Research Association and Kingdee International Software Group in cooperation with six well-known business schools in China. It is selected annually and is one of the awards with extensive influence in the domestic management field.