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YTO Large Tractors: the First Passengers on the First China-Europe Train from Luoyang


At 4:30 p.m. on August 26, the first China-Europe international container freight train from Luoyang left the YTO (Luoyang) International land port. It will sail to Barnaul, Russia after leaving Manzhouli.

The passengers on the first China-Europe train are YTO large tractors, which are filled 10 containers to export to Russia. It is also the first time for YTO large tractor to take the China-Europe train to Russia.

They will travel about 7,000 kilometers and take about 20 days to reach their destination. This is the first time for YTO (Luoyang) International land port to ship YTO tractor to Russia via China-Europe freight train.

The launch of the China-Europe freight train can not only significantly enhance product competitiveness by reducing costs, but also further enhance the service capacity of the YTO (Luoyang) international land port, opening up a convenient overland channel for enterprises in Luoyang to go abroad.