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Luoyang’s first new apprenticeship system proclaims its birth in YTO


  The signing ceremony of the enterprise new apprenticeship system between YTO and Luoyang Polytechnic was held on Nov.23. It is the first new enterprise apprenticeship program in Luoyang City.


  In this program, the talent training mechanism guided by the government, dominated by enterprises and participated by institutions. It aims to break the traditional "mentor" mode and encourage vocational colleges to carry out training together with enterprises, so that apprentices can work in the factory while study at school, which will certainly promote the enterprise skills talent team construction. It has learned that the fitter's class will be on trial.


  Yu Lina, member of YTO standing committee of the party and vice president, says that the talent training program jointly carried out by YTO and Luoyang Polytechnic will innovate the talent training mode and strengthen the construction of skilled personnel in enterprises; and it will be an useful attempt to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. As a modern large-scale enterprise, YTO will be very beneficial from it in its industrial transformation and upgrading.


  Chen Shuxin, deputy mayor in Luoyang City, expresses her congratulations. She says the enterprise new apprenticeship system is an example of school-enterprise cooperation in Luoyang. She hopes that the two sides cooperate well to train more skilled talents who will make great contributions to industrial transformation and upgrading in Luoyang City.