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YTO and HUAWEI Signs Comprehensive Cooperation Framework Agreement


  On Aug.6, YTO and HUAWEI signed comprehensive cooperation framework agreement in Shenzhen. YTO leaders Li Xiaoyu, Yu Lina, Zhao Junfen and HUAWEI leaders Han Xiao, Zhang Peng attended the signing ceremony.

  According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in the fields of intelligent agriculture, enterprise informatization, cloud services, driverless and 5G innovative applications, building comprehensive cooperation relationship. Both the two sides will exploit their advantages to the full to make intelligent agriculture model project and enterprise information management platform. The win-win cooperation will absolutely promote agricultural machinery transformation and upgrade.

  Li Xiaoyu expressed thanks to Han Xiaos warm reception. He said that HUAWEI has made a great contribution in innovation and research. The problem of countryside and agriculture is a great concern of our Party and State leaders. The agricultural machinery is the basis of agricultural modernization. As the leading agricultural machinery enterprise, YTO has been continuously promoting its products and management by means of informatization and intellectualization. Li Xiaoyu hopes the two sides cooperation will make a strong foundation for Chinas agricultural development and food safety in the future.

  Han Xiao said YTO has made great contributions in agricultural machinery modernization in China. Informatization and intellectualization are the trend in enterprises future development and ICT technology is the enabler in intelligent world. HUAWEI will take advantage of Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and key ICT to comprehensively cooperate with YTOs various units in order to tailor solutions to intelligent agriculture and plants and driverless and so on. Han Xiao hopes the cooperation can meet the challenges of transformation and upgrade of complex manufacturing enterprises and can jointly promote the intelligent agriculture in China.